The following is a guide to behaviour on the track and should be adhered to (for your own safety and the safety of others) on club nights (Tuesday 1800-1930 and Thursday 1800-1900).

Rules and Guidance

Warm up/cool down normally clockwise direction
Main session/intervals anti-clockwise direction
Fastest lane on the left/most inner lane
Lanes 1 and 2 for those runners doing a session
Please take your recovery on your right side of the track – Lane 4 and 5
When running an interval and approaching members on recovery, shout “TRACK!”, and the members will move out of the way, to the right. Always give plenty of warning time.
During your recovery, if you hear “TRACK!” from behind, please move out of the way to the right.
Do not undertake runners or those in recovery onto the grass – this may cause collision and injury!
Never stand in lanes 1 and 2, and always look left and right before crossing the track.
When you finish an interval, look over your shoulder and move to your right as you stop. Do not move left as another runner might be behind you.
If you do wish to use headphones (this is not recommended), please be aware of other runners and look over your shoulder before moving lanes or stopping.
Please no pets on the track.
If children are on the track, please ensure they are aware of other runners, and supervise any young children.
If a faster athlete is passing a slower one, no athlete has precedence, the faster will pass the slower one, just like in a race.
If you wish to use your mobile on the track, please keep away from the lanes, especially lanes 1 and 2.
Use litter bins provided and leave our track in a tidy condition.
Look after your belongings.