Saturn Runnings “Nearly Not Quite” London Marathon – 23rd April 2023

by Paul Smith

Seven days on from Boston Marathon UK the Saturn Running roadshow trundled into town with their “Nearly Not Quite London Marathon” Event at Durham City. Whilst thousands assembled on Blackheath Common along with exclusive and excessive media coverage to run the classic distance in England’s Capital, England’s Patron Saint once again donned the chain mail and waved the flag along with his sword whilst completing the course’s 6 laps to notch his 60th marathon in his 60th year and was even wearing race number 60 a nice touch from the other George, Run Director, George McDonagh in recognition of my 60 maras.

Well organised as ever, beyond known limits of friendliness and not a dragon in sight there wasn’t even much dragon of the feet, until mile 24 when tiredness was creeping in, the armour was becoming heavier and a tree root ambushed St. George, crashing to the ground, however, in true battling Knight fashion George was back up on his feet, dusted himself down and galloped.. cantered….hobbled his way across the finish line in a much slower time from 7days previous – 5 hours 31minutes, to pick up his well-deserved Angel Of The North medal and cheers from his family support team.

Well done to all fellow Saturn Running competitors which included Crook AC members, Jillian, Laura, Gayle, Phillip and Simon, who all did magnificently well, the organisers of course and also to those London Marathoners including our Crookites, Sam, Joanna, Laura and Lisa Marie, who totally smashed it… I wonder when the next London bus is due or is 60 at 60 enough for yours truly?

St. George attire to be replaced by standard kit the following day for a run streak continuation and the next day, then it was to be Crook & District Athletic Club colours on Wednesday for The Neptune Relays at Sedgefield…never a dull moment or time for recovery for this lad.

Footnote: Before the start of the marathon St. George was at Durham City Junior parkrun volunteering in the warm up leader role, if the kids didn’t know about the Patron Saint Of England before they certainly do now…..

Cry God For Harry, England and St. George.