The Andy Billett Memorial Summer Festival of Athletics – 9th July 2023

by Colin Everson

Joe and Alex took part in the C.D.A.N. Summer Festival which is a ‘Quadkids’ type event for young athletes who are members of County Durham clubs.

It encompasses all the key aspects of athletics – endurance, speed, agility and strength.

The young athletes were in four groups Under 9’s; Under 11’s; Under 13’s and Under 15/ 17’s. They took part in Howler Throws, Long Jump, Longer Runs and Sprints.

79 athletes participated in the event including some of the best junior athletes in the County.

Joe in the 600m and long jump

Joe in the 600m and long jump

Alex in the long jump and throwing the howler

Alex in the long jump and throwing the howler

There was an impressive howler throw from Alex following on from a very good 100m time.

His throw was the second longest throw in the Under 15 boy’s category and also the second longest throw in any age group. It would be interesting to see how Alex would do when throwing an adult javelin.

As the photograph shows Joe has a good long jump technique and plenty of potential at this event. In a year’s time Joe will still be in the Under 11’s group and all being well should be towards the top of the results sheet.

As well as athletes Crook also provided officials with Harry and Joe looking after the sprints and the endurance runs. A big thank you to Catherine for handing out the numbers and sorting out the entry fees for the two Crook Juniors.