North East Grand Prix- 24th April 2024

by Alex Hird

Wednesday evening saw the return of the NEGP track and field series at Monkton Stadium.

Three Crook members were entered; Matty Richardson, Rory Hart, and myself. All of us taking part in the 1500 metres.

Rory and I were up first in heat C. We ran the first 400 side by side, then Rory started to show his talent and engine and kept up with the leader who made a breakaway from the pack. The leader probably should’ve been in the prior heat, as he kicked on and won the heat comfortably, with Rory and I finishing in the chasing pack.

A few heats later young Matty from the junior section was on the track. He stayed within the pack until the bell where he made the first move and kicked on. Another u13 athlete from Darlington went with him, and they had a great tussle round the final 400m with Matty just missing out on the win by a tenth of a second.

Three good performances to start the year at 1500m, and a good night of learning for the younger lads, who I’m sure will continue to get better and better.

Watch this space.

Alex Hird 4:21.15 SB
Rory Hart 4:24.80 SB
Matty Richardson 5:07.86 PB, 3rd fastest u13 on the night, u13 Crook AC Record