Blaydon Race – 9th June 2024

by Danny Oakley

17 Crook runners lined up on the start line of the Blaydon race last night, myself somewhat apprehensive knowing this was about to be the longest I’d ran since October due to an ongoing niggly injury in my foot.

We had relatively good conditions, despite a pretty heavy shower before the race started. The route has changed quite a bit in the past few years with the organisers putting it down to “logistical issues”, and therefore this year’s iteration was to be 5.9 miles. Relatively flat so I’d been told, with a couple of cheeky hills.

Away we went after a rendition of the Blaydon races, down past Sandhill and the Copthorne onto the road by the Tyne. Busy but manageable with the road being wide enough. Then came the long steady climb up to Scotswood road. A nice long open road which was mainly flat or downhill.

The water station was chaotic to say the least, being provided with what could only be described as plastic pint glasses full of water, impossible to drink from whilst running. Over the Derwenthaugh Bridge, with a short run towards the Metro Centre and then a hairpin onto the Blaydon road. Nearly there now, and another hairpin before heading onto the final stretch.

Through a random wooded area, before onto Shibdon playing fields for the final sprint finish over the line. Done – 53.04 for myself, chuffed with that. Goody bag consisted of a T-shirt, beer, cheese savoury stotty (none of that pease pudding muck for me) and a chocolate bar. A decent race with a great tradition, which I’d definitely do again.

Finish times for the Crook Runners:

John Firby 32:16:00
Wayne Pearson 34:09:00
Kate Storey 36:10:00
Alex Mitton 36:26:00
Simon Pickering 39:46:00
Matty Brimm 40:55:00
Peter Coser 42:06:00
Amanda Taylor 45:13:00
Clare Weir 46:49:00
Paul Smith 52:41:00
Danny Oakley 53:04:00
Sharron Trevor 55:11:00
Emma Lawson 55:21:00
Mel Riley 58:27:00
Lianne Steed 59:10:00

Gutted for Gayle Askwith who pulled out after 3.5 miles with cramp issues. Hope you get sorted soon!