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Track Etiquette

Rules and Guidance

Do your warm up/cool down in a clockwise direction

Do the main session (referred to as “efforts” and “recoveries” or interval reps) anti-clockwise

IMPORTANT – when doing your efforts always stay on the inside of the track (lanes 1 and 2), but move out into lane 3 or beyond when doing your recovery.

It is the responsibility of faster runners to pass on the outside of slower ones. If you forget to move out of the inside lanes during your recovery (we all do it occasionally!) you might hear runners approaching from behind shout “track” if they are doing an effort. If this happens move out of the inside lane(s) to your right as quickly as possible to avoid any confusion or accidents.

When you finish an interval, look over your shoulder and move to your right as you stop. Do not move left as another runner might be behind you.

Do not undertake runners by going off the track on the inside. This may cause collision and injury!

Never stand in lanes 1 and 2, and always look left and right before crossing the track.

Please avoid the use of headphones and mobile phones whilst training on the track.

If children are on the track, please ensure they are aware of other runners, and supervise any young children.

Look after your belongings and don’t leave anything behind. We occasionally discard hats, gloves, outer layers etc. during a session as we warm up and it’s easy to forget to collect them afterwards.

Always use the litter bins provided and help to keep the facility tidy.