North East Grand Prix Fixture 1 – 26th April 2023

Wednesday saw the return of the North East Grand Prix at Monkton Stadium
I entered the 1500m, and I was placed in heat 2 of 8. Looking at the start list, I was in for a tough night, my PB was one of the slowest of the 16 in my heat.
Alex Hird - NEGP 1500m

Nevertheless, as soon as the gun went I hit the front(would you expect anything less?). I had a pretty decent first 400m, but the wheels started to fall off after that. I ended crossing the line in last position in a time of 4:29.81
It was just one of those nights, lacking motivation, and didn’t want to be there. We all have them.

Thankfully, I have another 1500m in 4 days time, where I’ll use this as motivation.
For those who don’t know, the NEGP fixtures are fully inclusive. Any age, any ability, no matter what your previous track & field experience is. The races are graded on your predicted times, so you’ll not be left behind. You find yourself running against such a wide age range, but it’s to suit your ability.
The next NEGP is Wednesday 24th May, at Monkton Stadium in Jarrow. Entries open 3rd May (