NEHL 1 2023 Wrekenton – 23rd September 2023

by Meadow Winham

It all started when I woke up at 9:00AM.

I got up and I got dressed into my Crook running vest and my shorts, when I was finished getting ready, I had my breakfast, I had a cup of tea and some toast.

My mam put my hair in two plaits, when she was done, we set off to the cross county [my first ever one.]

When we got there, we were struggling to find our tent because we did not have the Crook flag up yet. We eventually found the tent and my dad helped put it up.

We put all our stuff in the tent then me and mam headed off for our warm-up. When we got back to the tent my dad wished me good luck and have fun. We then watched the boys set off.

Well done to Matty, Joe, Rowen, James, and everybody else from Crook Junior Boys who were in the race for fantastic performances. It was then time for my race so my mam took me to the starting point. I was the only Crook girl who was running in my age category.

When I was about to head off there was a rope that we had to stay behind and when the man untied the rope he said to go to the white line. And then the gun shot, and I was running. There was a steep hill, and when I turned my head, I saw my dad cheering me on, I gave him a smile.

After I got up that hill there was another one which was not as steep and there my dad was again shouting and cheering me on. It was pouring it down. I was in the middle of going down a rocky bit of road and when I turned round the corner, I seen my mam she was cheering me on and saying “Go on Meadow you can do this“ and then I crossed the finish line I was so proud of myself, as well as Molly and the other girls from Crook Juniors.

My mam and dad took me back to the tent to get warmer before we watched the adults run in the afternoon.

Meadow Winham