NYMAC Tom Wall Relays – 30th August 2023

by Keiron Day

In the heart of Middlesbrough, on a sunny August day,
The NYMAC Tom Wall Relays, came our way,
Around the Stewart Park course, a mile in length,
Finishing with a hill, which demanded great strength.

A sold out event, over ninety teams took the field,
Where running talents and determination, were revealed,
Crook’s fabulous four teams, all took on the feat,
Mixed A & B, Senior Ladies, and Male 200, they’d compete.

Male 200, a blend of ages, determined and keen,
Eighth place in their category, a victory scene,
From Coundon they all hailed, with talent so great,
A brilliant performance, wasn’t it just fate?

Mixed B, thirteenth in category, gave it their all,
With determination & drive, they answered the call,
Senior Ladies, in tenth, showed their true grace,
With confidence, they ran, in this thrilling chase.

A twist in the tale, as Crook’s Mixed A team took flight,
Could they do it again, under the sun’s warm light?
Last time they edged it, by a second, it’s told,
Against rivals Aycliffe, a story was about to unfold.

A fast start for Aycliffe, but on the baton exchange,
A mix-up occurred, and their fortunes did change.
Working as a team, Crook’s lead became vast and wide,
And by well over a minute, in triumph, they’d ride.

First in the mixed category, their victory’s crown,
Defending Crook’s title, they’d never let down,
All of Crooks’ 16 runners each had a fantastic race,
And everyone left with a HUGE smile on their face!