Junior Great North Run – 9th September 2023

by Meadow Winham

It all started this morning,

I woke up at 6:00 am, I was so looking forward for my run, so I got ready into my running shorts and my new Crook vest and set of with my Mam and Dad to Newcastle.

This is my first Junior Great North Run as a crookette. When I got there my Mam and my Dad crossed the Millennium bridge, me and my Mam set off for our warm-up. We went past these funky looking flats, I thought they were cool. Anyways, we did a few sprints, I was on her tail. When we finished our sprints, I showed my Mam some warm-ups that my coaches taught me. I would tell you the names of them but to be honest I don’t know.

When we finished, we went to go and see my Dad he said to me “good luck and don’t forget to say “I’ll be back” like in the movie The Terminator”.

Let’s get back to talking about running, so after my Dad went to go and stand at the starting line so he could see me, me and my Mam jogged to the starting point. When I was about to head off, I started to get butterflies in my tummy then the gun shot and before I knew it, I was running. It was a bit of a hill at the start but I was fine and then I saw my Dad, he took lots of photos of me and my Mam running, and then we went over the Swing bridge.

When I got to 1km I was feeling fine, my legs were fine I wasn’t feeling sick or hot, then we were halfway in [2km]. I was feeling quite tired, but I didn’t let that stop me, 3km in I was feeling very hot and a bit sick. When we just passed the Millennium bridge I started to sprint as fast as I could, Mam could barely catch up to me. I had to keep on winding through people because they were too slow, and there I saw my Dad again with his hand out to high five me so I gave him a high five, I forgot to say “I’ll be back” but he did not notice thankfully.

And then when I was close to the finishing line, I think the photographer got a photo of me, and then before I knew it I crossed the finishing line but someone was sick so it made me feel a bit off. I waited in a line to get my Great North Run bag that has water in it and a few snacks and then we went back to the car and I had a sleep on the way home.

By Meadow Lily Winham.

Results (Only those registered as Crook members)

Name Pos Time
Matty Richardson 14 00:15:56
Joseph Beckett 54 00:18:02
Meadow Winham 194 00:25:49